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I don’t move around a lot. I am perturbed every time I have to travel beyond the reaches of home, work and school.

My work took me unexpectedly to Ukunda, down at the Coast, by air. My flying experience has been entirely in aircrafts sized 747 and larger. This aircraft was comparable in size to a long car, and seated only six. There was a propeller in the front. The size of it meant the sound of the engines was deafeningly loud the entire trip. I sat in the front next to the pilot so saw everything as we encountered it.

The flight from Nairobi to the coast is generally 40 minutes but in that particular craft took about 2 hours.

I don’t think about air travel a lot but it is hard not to at 11,500 feet. Sitting by the pilot I saw all the knobs, screens and levers that fly the plane. All the scary words like ‘throttle’, ‘altimeter’ and the indecipherable pilot jargon all over the navigation screens . Rather than the view of the back of a stranger’s seat, I saw the sky. Instead of the soothing hum of the aeroplane cabin, I heard the constant drone of the engine, speaking over it would necessitate shouting. Because the craft was so small, the turbulence felt more violent, the outside elements more menacing and the openable windows so much more inviting.

At one point, we flew right into a large cloud. The plane was buffeted and bashed. It was raining. The entire time, I thought about dying. Somehow falling out of the sky. Somehow being buffetted hard enough by whatever causes turbulence that we suddenly drop. The propeller slowing down and finally sputtering to a stop.

In planes, large crafts, with a cabin crew, refreshments, the pilot that talks to you in a soothing voice over the crackling radio transmission, effort is made to make it feel exactly like what it is not. Steps are taken to make you comfortable, to keep you entertained, fed, to some degree washed. The reality is that you are hurtling through the air at upwards of 500 Kph with nothing above or below you. There is no manufactured feeling of safety from watching the cabin crew show you where the emergency exits are. It was like being removed from a warm house with a fridge and oven and getting a bow and some arrows and being told to feed yourself.

It was the air travel experience, stripped and affronting.

If I die in a plane crash, I will never get over the embarrassment.


Neither Shaken, Stirred nor in Any Other Way Inspired; ‘Spectre’ was Terrible


The last Bond movie I watched was Casino Royale. This is false. The last Bond movie I actually watched was A View to a Kill, the most recent one I have seen, before this month was Casino Royale. All I can tell you about that movie was that Judy Dench was in that one and she wasn’t in this one, a fact about which I was angry.

There is something about the Bond movies. The 007 films are part of an art and culture legacy that has spanned many decades. They obviously appeal very strongly to the people who watch them; their popular culture legacy does not lie. I have to question however what the fuck it is built on. Fast cars. Hot girls. Mysterious man of action. Maybe I have never watched one of these movies with the intention of gaining anything more than a couple hours of engagement from it. But I watched Spectre and my eyes are still rolled to the back of my damn head. I hated this movie so so much.

The first thing I want to talk about is logistics. Traveling across international borders with weapons. Seeming to travel so much with not a passport or luggage in sight at any time. The copious alcohol consumption on a seemingly empty stomach at all hours of the day.

Where does he keep his razor to keep that chin smooth.

Where did Madelynn stash her hot rollers to pull off that hair on the train.

The illegitimate children Mr. Bond has sequestered globally, can we count them.

How does MI6 deal with all the cars, gadgets and shit that he ruins.

Were there no other prolific British actresses who could play M in place of the apparently dead Dame. No? Just Voldemort. This last one is a personal gripe but I disagreed with this movie on many levels.

It is like the dialogue, action and cultural grounding of the 1950s but the digital photography, smartphones and shooting locations of 2015.

Several emotions went through me as the beginning credits rolled. They rolled to the Spectre theme, a ballad by Sam Smith, played over an entire music video of odious purple, grey and black graphics. A stern and serious 007 with various women draped over him and stomach churning squid graphics crawling all over the place. I was beside myself with laughter.

I think that’s the thing. The movies, the story, the characters are all so serious but the whole thing fits terribly into the world we live in today, it’s funny. It is a very particular fantasy that has to be taken for what it is because it doesn’t offer much beyond impressive visuals and good soundtracks (sometimes, this one was terrible). It is in many ways fluff. Which is alright, but still nearly impossible to take seriously.

My desire not to be alone on a Saturday night brought this film to me. The only things I enjoyed were Madelynn’s train dress, Monica Bellucci’s mourning outfit, the on-location shots, and how determinedly Christoph Waltz stayed alive after being murdered about 12 times.

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Perspective: A Review of ‘Fates & Furies’ by Lauren Groff

I pursued blogging for selfish reasons. Finally, a public space all about me, what is more selfish than that. Today however, is something different. A guest review. I like to joke that I don’t have friends but alas, here is one now. My friend Kris read ‘Fates and Furies’ by Lauren Groff so neither you nor I have to.




I love hearing both sides to a story.

In the first half of Fates & Furies, Groff shows us the relationship of Lotto and Mathilde from the viewpoint of Lotto, a mother’s boy who’s had everything handed to him his whole life. Lotto, who could do no wrong, went and married Mathilde. Lotto with all of the options in the world chose her (literally) over his ten-foot long list of conquests and she hadn’t even given it up yet. It wasn’t the most romantic of proposals but Mathilde is smart enough to understand the symbology of him standing on the heads of spurned lovers to ask for her hand. Nothing strokes a woman’s ego quite like being chosen (again, literally) over countless others. If she wasn’t so high on pride she might have seen this for signs of narcissistic behaviour to come.

Lotto found his greatest challenge in Mathilde. Unhooking bras is easy enough after some practice but to unlock a soul is a more noble pursuit. Much grander. Something that would require a lifetime of work. Mathilde found security in Lotto. Something that she’d never had her entire life. A person she could count on to be there for her. The ultimate seduction for Mathilde was to be accepted for her flaws, even though she liked to sleep in the closet sometimes.

In the second half of the book we see the relationship from Mathilde’s point of view. The contrast shows that things were not as they seemed. Lotto thought he knew this woman but in truth he knew nothing about her. He didn’t even know where she grew up. Secrets are the glue that held this marriage together. The less you know about your significant other, the better.

People never understood why Lotto chose Mathilde. Chollie, his best friend, despised her. He could sense that something was off about Mathilde. He knew from the first time he saw the two of them together that she would destroy the good thing that he and Lotto had going. And he was right. When a man and woman get married, their respective best-friends suffer the most. Even Muvva dearest could see that this harlot was unfit to marry her son. They say that a wife is the woman who takes a boy away from his mother and turns him into a man. Nothing says ‘grow-the-fuck-up’ quite like being disowned. But they didn’t care. Muvva could keep her money. Lotto and Mathilde had each other.

Spoiler alert! Wait, that’s supposed to come before the spoilers, right? I don’t see why it matters. You’re not going to read the actual book. You read this review so that you don’t have to. This way, when you’re hanging with your bookish friends and one of them starts talking about the National Book Awards finalists, you can jump in and say how Groff’s expert use of metaphors makes you feel like you can relate to her characters on a personal level. They’ll look at you with newfound respect, impressed that you can talk about a paperback other than 50 Shades, oblivious to the fact that the only thing you ever read is Death On The Road.


guest review written by Kris Mambo

You Haven’t Put A Post Up In Ages, and That, is Why We Broke Up: ‘Why We Broke Up’ by Daniel Handler and Maria Kalman, A Review

Being employed is a lot like being in school. I have to be in bed at a reasonable hour. I have to leave the house every morning, and I have to answer to an authority figure who judges my performance and rewards me based on how well I do this thing that I am bound by fear of the future to excel in.

Between the hours that I cannot read, I do read. I imagined that I would have already read this book by now. I wanted to have read it by university. In my mind, I imagined an entire scene where I would be seated on campus at the coffee shop, and my former boyfriend would walk up to me and say hi, because he is cordial. I would say it back and we would engage in the polite conversation of people who know too much about each other to be completely casual can. He would ask me what the book was called and I would say ‘It is ‘Why We Broke Up’, and he would be crushed by painful recollection of our high school misadventure. Why indeed we broke up, and I would stand and stalk away, in slow motion of course, triumphant and glowing.

I read ‘Why We Broke Up’ and I liked the shit out of it.

Why We Broke Up

Min Green is different. She likes film, doesn’t attend school sporting events and drinks a lot of coffee. Ed Slaterton is likely the last person anybody would pair her with, but he is beautiful and Min wants him. Together they go through a rollercoaster relationship ending of course in a bitter break up. That is not a spoiler, the fact that they break up is in the title. Min leaves Ed a box of all their relationship relics and chapter by chapter, recounts the time, place, weather, feelings and history behind each one.

This book is terribly sad. It makes no pretence of being a happy book. You know before you even begin reading that something fucked up is going to happen. It is sad for the reader, and it is sad for the characters. Min returning the box of relationship relics is in the end, not quite empowering to her, more than it is just, cathartic. Throughout the story she recounts events, saying that was when she should have broken up with Ed. She is full of regret and her hindsight is 20/20. She can’t do it over and she can’t take it back but she can consider how, where, when it went wrong and of course, why, all the reasons why they had to break up.

Relationships are tricky and while there is a glaring and obvious reason why Min and Ed end up breaking up, there are clues and missteps along the way that Min affirms are part of the reason why. It wasn’t just one thing, or two things, it was everything. A mosaic of pieces that didn’t fit rather than just one that marred the big picture. The relationship is passionate, fast paced and bound to fail. They are in highschool and they know it won’t be forever. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be a hell of a time.

Read this book if you want to be sad. If you have had your heart broken. Or if you want to look at cute illustrations.


A Review from the Final Frontier, ‘Earthman Jack vs the Secret Army’ by Matthew Kadish Book Review

So, my planet blows up and I have to go after the fuckers who did it, nearly die several times over but ultimately survive. And THEN when the entire debacle is over I have to have the wherewithal AGAIN to save the day???


I just finished ‘Earthman Jack vs the Secret Army’.

This book was sent to me as an ARC by the author Matthew Kadish. It is a follow up to the first Earthman Jack novel, ‘Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet’.

Last we saw Jack, Earth had exploded and he had just been through a fuck of a rough time through space with his new alien friends.

Now. Things are different.

Seeing as there is no longer an earth for Jack to go home to, he has to go to the Regalus Empire. A space congregation of all these planets and aliens under an emperor, who is Jack’s lady love Princess Glorianna, or Anna, as soon as she turns 18. As soon as we set foot on the Capitol, things are a little bit awry. The story and slow reveal of the riduiculousness going on in Glorianna’s empire was unfolded through just terrible events happening one after the other. This book has interesting depth. It follows this hapless, fool of a young boy, fucking around, trying to grow up, sharing his inane thoughts, but has this undercurrent of seriousness and just like grown people shit. This book involved power, politics, duty and responsibility while still managing to lapse into sheer ridiculousness with Jack and his friends.

There are a lot more characters in this book. Besides Jack’s merry band of idiots from the last novel, there are loads more, in every interesting alien variety that exists. I like the descriptions of how different the aliens were. It is sort of lazy thinking to assume that all life is, or should be humanoid.

I liked that we got to learn about Anna, I mean, her Imperial Highness, the blood of the ancients, matriarch of legacy Prime, and heir to the throne of the Regalus Empire, princess Glorianna. Overall there is a whole new dynamic. The story is much larger and there are more characters and more intrigue and a lot more action and crazy shit.

This book is the second in a series and somewhat reads like it. The first novel handles introduction and lets us know whatever the main conflict is. The second book felt like a long buildup to what will happen later in the series, after the initial punch of the first novel, this felt like a wind up to what will again be another punch in the third.

Jack still gives me the eyeroll of life. He is so hapless. It gets you on his side, how hapless and clueless he seems in the face of all this. He proves himself to have some sense, but he’s so goofy, I can’t sometimes. I dabble casually in the world of science fiction, periodic Doctor Who marathons, and the like. I loved the shouts to popular sci-fi, it made the story fun. There is some real shit going on in the novel but things like asking for the answer to life the universe and everything and Jack being the corniest of clowns made the story light.

For sci-fi lovers old and young alike, would recommend.


The Definitive Ranking of Television Shows I Watched During My Postgraduate Slump

I went through a dark time after I graduated.

By which, I mean I sat mine ass at home in the dark and binge watched the greatest television hits of the noughties back to back, in the darkness of my room, eating a lot of Pringles.

It’s different for graduates these days, they said. Now is the time for entrepreneurship, they said. Companies are on the hunt for young blood, they said.

A few months ago I joined the ranks of everyone out there like me, a bachelor’s degree and no clue what to do with it. Unless you are a doctor, lawyer or engineer, chances are you’ll get stuck working as a call centre operator, or administrative assistant some place as your first job. Or worse, you’ll get yourself an internship. Not only will you not do what you studied to do, you will do it for free.

So I did the only reasonable thing, vegged the whole fuck out and racked up my mother’s electricity bill.

I tore through whole seasons in the blink of an eye. As far as talents go, I think I’ve found mine.

10. Sex and the City

The beginning credits music for this series is iconic. As a child my mother would make us leave the room when she wanted to watch SATC. I would, in rebellion, watch it secretly when she wasn’t home. It really takes watching something as an adult to realize it’s frivolity. This show was so dumb but fuck was it entertaining. Carrie and those awful, expensive shoes. Samantha and her string of lovers and lowkey emotional unavailability. Miranda and her woes as a woman trying to have a career, family and relationship. Charlotte and her beautiful Park Avenue flat and juvenile idealism. What a beautiful disaster of a show. This was the best background noise I could have asked for as I played through Candy Crush.

9. Girls

I watched this programme with the intention of hating on it. Like SATC it features a group of women in New York City just trying to make it. Lena Dunham and crew were like the millennial SATC girls. Once more like SATC, it made fantastic background noise as I played Candy Crush and scrolled through Pinterest. If anything, I liked how much of a joke was made of the characters. It doesn’t really allow the bad behaviour of the characters to go unchecked. Just for the fuck of it, yes, I will be watching season 5.

8. Gossip Girl

How many New York based television dramas can you compare to SATC, the answer is all of them. Both shows had a cast of friends living in the city, making horrifying romantic choices, a quippy female narrator, a brief stint in France and a series finale that faded out to ‘You Got The Love’. This show was a joke and became a bigger and bigger joke as the seasons went on. Came for the story, stayed to see how certain ridiculous story lines would be resolved, saw the finale for that gorgeous blue Elie Saab Blair wore at her wedding.

7. House Hunters International

There is something deeply interesting about watching people buy things. Shows like this and ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ centre their whole dramatic climax on whether the person will choose the off white tafetta with beaded bodice and sweetheart neckline, or the white ballroom with sleeves and a train. It is so calming when the biggest problem these people have to deal with is whether the ceilings in house #2 are high enough, or whether house #1 is walking distance to the beach. It is exactly the type of low octane, low stakes drama I need in this time of unemployment and unease.

6. Clone High

Way way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies. All the temporal and spatial limitations that have kept our favourite historical figures apart are dismantled in Clone High.

If you subscribed to satellite television during the mid to late noughties in Africa, you will know we had a channel called GO. It featured the best shows. I mean the absolute fucking best. ‘Clone High’ was a nostalgia watch for me. It started me down the path that would lead me through to the ‘Venture Brothers ‘ and finally ‘Archer’. It was the first time I learned that sometimes, cartoons aren’t for kids. I await patiently the day that it will go back on the air.

5. Golden Girls

‘Golden Girls’ was SATC before SATC was SATC and before ‘Girls’ was SATC. Four elderly women live in a house together. Hijinks ensue. This is the only sitcom on my list. I watched this for the same reason I watch ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’ and ‘Barefoot Contessa’. Sometimes I just want to hear a maternal, elderly voice telling me things, it’s very soothing to me. I rarely laugh out loud watching sitcoms but this series was great. How many ways can Sofia call Blanche a whore, let me count the ways.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I will always fondly remember an episode of Buffy being the one that taught me what sex was. Remember when Buffy and Spike were fighting and breaking everything around them, then they started fucking against that wall. You remember. Buffy, for me, was ‘it’ she was a complete badass, a young woman, consistently preventing the apocalypse. Strong, physically strong, a leader, capable, everything I could be once I stopped watching the show and got outside sometimes.

3. Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars in "Veronica Mars."

There isn’t a good reason why I didn’t watch this show when it was actually airing. Smart, industrious, quippy female protagonist, solving crimes on the side while she gets straight A’s in highschool. I mean. She was the cooler, noughties version of Nancy Drew. This show was so good. So clever and well written. Eli Navarro was so sexy. I barely even had my usual laundry list of complaints that I have watching television shows about the titular white woman character.

2. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls (WB) Season 1, 2000-2001 Episode: Love and War and Snow Airdate: December 14, 2000 Shown from left: Alexis Bledel (as Rory Gilmore), Lauren Graham (as Lorelai Gilmore)
It is simply a severe lack of taste if you don’t acknowledge the ‘Gilmore Girls’ as a jewel in the crown of great noughties television. Who doesn’t love a show that could appeal to both them, and their mother. This show was like ‘7th Heaven’ but without the Christianity and subsequent scandal concerning one of the main cast members.

Rory’s breakdown in season 6 when she dropped out of school to live in her grandparents’ household I felt really mirrored me in my current situation. Had I a grandparent with a pool house, I would be bumming there with my woes rather than in mum’s house.

1. American Horror Story

This series was not made during the noughties. I know that. While I gained more substance from ‘Veronica Mars’ and more laughs from ‘Golden Girls’, this fucking show makes me wallow in my inadequacy and everything I thought I could be. I wish I made this show. This show may be the best thing that has happened to me in 2015. It wasn’t graduating. It wasn’t getting a job. It wasn’t discovering YouTube bodybuilding. It was watching this shit. I feel so enriched, so developed as a woman and as a person. I feel everything is possible. Watching Angela Basset bury Kathy Bates alive reminded me exactly why I’m here.

ahs coven

I could have travelled.

I could have racked up experience.

I could have had an affair or something, gotten married, begun gestation on my first born.

Instead, I watched 250+ hours of backdated television. I do my best work on my back, with my laptop perched on my pelvis.


UPDATE: I have a job now, it’s awful.

Watching Gossip Girl During Postgraduate Slump

There were a lot of things I could have chosen to do during this time of my life, done with school, awaiting gainful occupation. I could have taken up a new hobby. I could have made an honest attempt to make a dent in my TBR list. I could have travelled, gotten married, visited the gym with regularity.

Instead, I decided to take on a watching challenge of the iconic television shows of the noughties. I started with Gilmore Girls which I made quick work of.

I followed it with Gossip Girl. This show had a real moment, when it was airing. I admit, I was part of that moment, watching at least the first and second seasons as they aired. This was about eight years ago and I was still in high school. This show was intoxicating to me back then. Watching it now with postgraduate eyes, I saw grown people portraying teenagers, overwhelming petty fuckshit, and the sheer AGE of it all, this was 2008 after all. I also saw clever dialogue, interesting characters, breathtaking fashion and hours of colourful, frivolous fun.

This television programme. When I wasn’t enchanted by the colours, pretty people and fashion, I was horrified at how much of a train wreck this whole mess was.

Here are the moments when I wanted to hurt somebody.

* When Georgina suddenly caught the holy spirit.
* When Blair suddenly caught the holy spirit.
* When Chuck thought he could begin his second life in Paris with Fleur Delacourt.
* When Chuck sold Blair for the hotel, dafuqqq.
* Ivy Dickens and everything she ever did.
* All the times Lily and Rufus cheated together.
* The sheer number of episodes Blair and Chuck were waiting on thing x y or z to say they could be together.
* Nate’s brief stint selling his body.
* The grand return of Bart Bass, I was so mad when this happened.
* Woodchuck Todd and Blair. I just don’t know why this happened.
* Jenny and Chuck fucking. No Lord.
* The scheming, at some point it got old, too childish.
* The Gossip Girl reveal(s). I feel like they never intended to reveal who it was at all in the first place when the show began but decided to throw it in to wrap the show up.
* Serena’s consistently awful boyfriend choices.

The loves.

* There were some particularly great fashion moments. Serena’s White Party outfit in the Hamptons in 02×01, Blair’s wedding dress (THE SECOND ONE) in 06×09, Serena’s bridesmaid’s dress in 05×13, Serena’s green fashion show dress 02×05 etc.
* Blair’s eating disorder storyline.
* Georgina.
* Monkey.
* Dorota.
* Blair and Dan, AS FRIENDS.
* Serena and Blair’s friendship moments.
* The Chair wedding.
* The Danrena wedding, I cried.

Of course there were moments of pure comedy.

The flashbacks in the last episode when the cast were playing younger versions of themselves. You won’t tell me for a second that these grown people, even older than they were when they were pretending to be 17 are going to play 15 year olds with any conviction.

Finding out Papa van der Woodsen was Lola’s daddy too.

Blair’s fever dreams.


chuck's speed suit

I won’t pretend that it was time well spent but it was a time. What I will maintain was the best part of the show was those gorgeous aerial shots of New York city they interspersed throughout the episodes. I have an entire NYC dedicated Pinterest board because of that.

I followed my marathon watch of this show with one on Sex and the City. I’m on a tear. These posts will be part of a series on postgraduate malaise.


Vegan Youtube: An Appraisal

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person, in pursuit of any existing thing in this universe can find it on YouTube. The various YouTube factions and categories that have developed in its ten odd years of existence indicate pretty strong, very diverse community following. Queen Michelle Phan rules the makeup faction. King Pewdiepie has the gaming scene. There is a YouTube for everyone. The fitness YouTube. The music YouTube. The gluten free, organic and of course the vegan YouTube. I spent some time here and this is what I found.

Let’s start in the real world and then descend into the bog. Veganism is a real life concept. It’s eating, living, carrying oneself in the absence of animal products. That is everything from meat and milk to leather and beeswax. There is plenty of information about this on the Internet, as there is plenty of information about everything on the Internet. Though this is true of most internet communities and let’s face it, most Internet users, the vegan variey of both seem to be particularly vitriolic. On YouTube is a cluster of content creators that make vegan content. Not only is it free of meat, dairy and eggs, but it gives us the viewers a look into the lives of these people. They give advice, answer questions, share recipes and help us otherwise clueless out with how to do it.

After my favourite imitation meat, seitan, let’s call them the seitanists. The seitanist community further diversifies into subcomminities of specialized seitanism. I identified the fitness, health and wellness seitanists, the beauty and lifestyle seitanists, the animal rights seitanists and the look how great seitanism is seitanists.

Here are a few of our stars.


The king and queen, mum and dad, or at least the best known of the plant based bunch on YouTube are Freelee the Banana Girl and DurianRider. Leanne and Harley (government names) endorse the fruitarian way of eating. They do this thing called rawtil4 where you eat fruit when the sun is out and then eat cooked vegan fare, think potatoes and rice, at night. They also happen to be lean, mean cycling machines. They believe in calorie abundance, provided it is coming from plant sources. One thing it is hard to argue with is results and Freelee in a bikini is hard to argue with.


The princess of the community, is FullyRawKristina. She’s a raw vegan, meaning she only eats raw food. She advocates health and vitality and with a bubblyness and a giggle draws you to the dark (leafy green) side. Her videos are extremely colour saturated and she talks about her cold fruit and vegetable fare with so much glee that it’s easy to believe her.

maxresdefault (2)


Our resident hoodlum is VeganGains. His approach is scientific research, animal activism by way of slaughterhouse porn and straight rudeness. He is so rude. He is so so rude. His channel is at the intersection of the fitness and vegan YouTube spaces; two spaces where everybody happens to be out of their minds. He advocates a high carb vegan diet for athletic performance and wellness. He frequently, to much distress, calls out prominent members of the fitness community for their diet and ethics. Being a member of both Youtube factions, this has been thrilling to watch. If nothing else, his channel has seen meteoric growth over the last year, any exposure is good exposure, right?



If we are continuing the royal order metaphor, BiteSizeVegan is the Maester or whatever…wizard…the smart one. She gives us well researched, informative, friendly content and has the quality of being really really nice. She’ll tell you when she’s about to show graphic content and backs everything she does with a shitload of receipts, transcripts and further reading. She also has this monstrously huge English bulldog Ooby who makes adorable cameos. If you want friendly, easy to swallow education, this is where to get it.


HappyHealthyVegan are the grown ups. They are two grown adult people, speaking with sense and calmness about veganism and health. They do a mix of topical videos with stories about their experience eating in different vegan ways. They will call out prominent people, celebrities, online personalities on their animals consumption or snake oil peddling but will do so in level, calm voices, to the background noise of smooth lounge music.

maxresdefault (1)


Essena O’Neill fills our hot contingent. She presents lifestyle vlogging with a vegan bent. She is pretty as anything and has a lot of great information. She takes us through days of eating, shows us her fridge, takes us to the beach. It’s all great fun. It’s like she’s showing us how happy, fit and well edited we will all be once we go vegan.

Brown Vegan makes up the coloured delegation. She is not the only member of the coloured delegation, but you know what they say about representation. She also hits veganism with a family bat. She talks about feeding a family the vegan way and is the one you want to listen to for practical advice. She is also really nice about it, like a mum.

Honourable mentions go to those channels which are not strictly vegan but get there just by the way, like Monami Frost, Kalel Kitten and Morgan Joyce.

Veganism tends to overlap with animal activism and healthy living. It also, according to YouTube tends to overlap with yoga, mediation and all that zen shit. There is a plethora of reasons why people go vegan. On the back of Skinny Bitch, because your arteries would be better for it, because you like animals, because you feel something spiritual from it, because celebrity x endorses it, loads of things.

We have all sorts honestly. And that is why there is no reason to throw rocks when hitting unsubscribe is just so much easier. I started this post by saying there is a Youtube for everything and everybody. This appraisal but scratches the surface. There is a vegan content creator for everyone too. This is not my own list of favourites but it’s a nice little vegan taster plate for what you will find when you type it into YouTube.

I have had this post on ice for a while, but in that it is World Vegetarian Day, I thought I’d be annoying about it.